Gilep is a syndicate of variously oriented manufacturers, created some 35 years ago on the initiative of the Director at that time of the French Joint Military Service in charge of supplying the armed forces with fuels and lubricants, the SEA.

The idea was to federate, as a civilian entity but under the supervision of the military, a whole set of companies having demonstrated their capability for providing the SEA with all the needed POL logistics equipment, and particularly the sturdy and reliable materiel required for rapid deployment, abroad and in potentially critical environment. Thus, the items provided by Gilep member companies are tank trucks and bladders, plus the assorted devices such as pumps, filters, hoses etc…, equally convenient for peace time applications as well: for example, in countries where wide areas of wild nature are sparsely punctuated with rare populations that nonetheless need energy, a containerised service station, resupplied from a bladder carried on an off-road flat truck, may be the best solution.

Gilep members will also provide all essential related equipment needed on a field depot, such as fire extinguishers and anti-pollution devices, off-the-road trucks mounting loading and unloading appliances, water treatment mobile units ; and, also, high quality, ice – and sand-proof, permanent or temporary paints and coatings, and high efficiency lubricants and hydraulic fluids. One Gilep member will act as project manager and integrate the components of a whole field depot. Gilep members know each other, and have strong reciprocal commercial relations. The rules of competition make that some Gilep members can be competitors and provide very comparable products: this is a guarantee for the SEA, as for any buyer, that they get the best in quality and reliability at the right price.

Items provided by GILEP members can be listed under five rubrics:
1. Tank Trucks
2. Storage Equipment
3. Servicing Units and Components
4. General logistics and environment materiel
5. High Tech fluids

GILEP members are renowned beyond the French Military; they supply NATO forces in particular, but also Middle East or Latin American forces ; air base refuellers and nitrile bladders are a regularly provided item ; some recent contracts involved water treatment contenairized plants for Algeria, and, most lately, NATO.

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